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The Vanimals

It all started with Jumbo. We wanted our vans to really stand out, in a way that was memorable and, ideally, that would make people smile.

Jumbo vans have been around for years but we got to the ‘pun-chline’ first with Jumbo as our first Vanimal and the rest of the gang quickly followed. The Herd was born!

Customers just love the Vanimals! You’ll find they soon become a local talking point and customers in your area think of Herd Vanimals first. So as well as being a bit of fun, those Vanimals are cleverer than they look, giving our Herd franchises a crucial competitive advantage in their area.


Car derived van (CDV). Nippy, nimble compact vans perfect for moving a light load around town easily and economically. With 210 cubic feet load capacity you’ll squeeze in an average roomful of stuff.


Short Wheelbase Transit. Strong, reliable workhorse. Popular for small moves and its pricing. Approx 350 cubic feet.


Long Wheelbase (LWB) Transit. This tough, huge load mover is up for heavy duties. With almost 500 cubic feet load space Rhino will move a one or (smallish) two bed flat.


Dropside truck. This mighty workmate will take anything you chuck at it. Ideally suited to messy jobs, big DIY and building projects – and dumping stuff at the tip.


Extra long wheelbase (XLWB). This powerful beast makes light work of mighty loads. With up to 700 feet capacity, Jumbo will easily accommodate the contents of a typical 2-3 bedroom flat.


Luton van. This legendary hero will shift the most daunting of loads. With 750 cubic feet load capacity and a powered tail-lift it’s perfect for economical house and business moves.