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Herd Business

Herd Business means our customers can leave the costs of fleet ownership behind. As a Herd Franchise, Herd Business gives you the opportunity to boost your profits further by earning cost-free, risk-free commission on any volume, long-term business rentals that you introduce to us. Like everything else with Herd, the way it works is simple:


  • you find the customer and sign them up
  • you tell us how many vans they need and any extras (branding, equipment etc.)
  • you maintain the relationship, but without any of the admin
  • you receive a commission from Herd HQ each month



  • we organise and provide the vans and other Herd Business products that your customer requires
  • we take care of all the invoicing and admin
  • we carry the asset costs and risks associated with the customer cancelling or reducing their size of fleet


Herd Business van hire is a low cost, flexible and scalable alternative to long term hire and leasing. It enables businesses of all sizes to release cash and increase or decrease their fleet size at will.