What do you look for first and foremost in a franchise partner?

Provided your existing business has a good credit rating the most important thing to us is your attitude towards customer service. A genuine dedication to providing exceptional customer service is the secret of our success. It’s what makes Herd the first choice for our customers. It’s our competitive advantage. If you don’t share our passion for customer service then we’re not right for each other. But if you do – let’s talk!

Why does Herd not offer car hire?

Van hire only is a more profitable business model. We used to offer car hire too but it didn’t have the same customer demand as van hire which meant we were “carrying” vehicles that weren’t paying their way. We replaced the cars with more vans and saw a big difference in revenue and profit

Is there a limit to how many or how few vans I can have?

There’s no upper limit on how many vans you have in Your Herd but there is a minimum. We’ll provide advice and guidance on how many vans you’ll need to get going. You can add more vans to Your Herd at any time. Similarly you can return vans to us if you find you have too many – but hopefully that won’t be the case!

Do I have to pay Herd a percentage of my profits?

No. Not your turnover. We think that’s a greedy and complicated franchise model. Our way is far simpler and much fairer. We rent vans to you at a heavily discounted rate. You rent them to customers at a significantly more profitable retail rate. You keep the difference. That’s it!

Do you provide any finance assistance to get started?

Our aim has been to keep your capital expenditure as low as possible when starting a Herd franchise. We rent vans to you and you rent them to customers at a significant margin so what would potentially be the biggest cost is all paid for by revenue. We will consider providing finance for the signs that brand your site Herd but we’ve negotiated really good prices on these from our signage suppliers and would prefer it if you buy them outright.

How does Herd Business work for franchisees?

Again, we’ve aimed to keep this really simple. You pass any Herd Business enquiries you get to us. We’ll provide the vehicles directly to your client but you maintain the relationship. We invoice your client from Herd HQ each month and pay you a percentage commission. This way, we carry all the risk and you get to further boost your profits without having to increase your costs in any way whatsoever.

Do I have to pay for Vanimal branding of my vans?

No. Your Herd is delivered to you already wrapped in eye-catching Vanimal branding and ready to go to work!

What marketing support do you provide?

We provide extensive marketing support both online and with resources for you to use locally. On the Herdhire website you’ll be featured as a branch and customers can book vans though the website directly from you (this is delivered through Control Your Herd).

This website, myherd.co.uk, has a franchisee resource centre where you can download marketing items such as flyers, brochures, emailers and social media assets. If you want to run a specific local campaign of your own, just get in touch with Carol and she’ll help you organise this through our preferred supplier.

What’s with the, “Vanimals”?

We use a herd of animals to help describe the sizes of our vehicles, from a Squirrel for small vans to a Mammoth for our Lutons (we needed an animal bigger than Jumbo…) The Vanimals have proved to be fantastically popular with customers and bring business through the door by really standing out from local competitors.